Where Life Becomes Art: Five Gallery-Worthy UK Destinations

“Want to walk in nature’s art gallery? We’ve explored Constable Country, watched sunset in the Yorkshire Dales and gazed upon a bucolic rendering of a Game of Thrones film location to bring you the UK destinations that are works of art both on and off the canvas.”

Artists are a magical sort of people: they see things the rest of us cannot; they have an uncanny ability to make the ordinary arcane; and they turn what seems hieroglyphic into such beautiful simplicity. Few wield such powers, but you’ll find five of the wizarding sort below who have managed to skilfully capture the British landscape’s sundry personalities, immortalising them in art form. (CREDIT: George Callaghan)

The oldest artist in this collection has long since left us; the rest are still drawing inspiration from their surroundings today. Regardless of dates and eras, what you’ll soon notice is that the locations’ depictions are the very carbon copy of those sites. And walking through those places is like stepping into the frame. (CREDIT: Simon Palmer)

En route, you’ll encounter beaches that hosted medieval battles, harbours that brought the Game of Thrones to life, streams long since etched onto our artistic consciousness and towns that the Brontës called home. (CREDIT: The National Trust)

One of the main drags about hallowed sites is that the surrounding area often falls prey to change, development or deprivation. But this is not the case with any of the five you’ll see here. Revered for their natural beauty, these landscapes and their environs have been protected and preserved to an admirable degree, so much so that the difference between even the oldest painting and modern photograph is nearly indiscernible. (CREDIT: Helen Lush)

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