On the literary trail: exploring Brontë country

Discover wildly enchanting moors, charming tearooms and cultural landmarks in Yorkshire

Town & Country
Courtesy of The Old Registry, Haworth

Going on holiday may be off the cards right now. But when travel restrictions do begin to lift, we’ll probably start looking closer to home for our next adventures. And with lockdown giving us more time to immerse ourselves in a good book (and to revisit favourites), why not plan a visit to the home of the Brontë sisters?

Since 1850, Brontë enthusiasts (or ‘curiosity-hunters’, as Charlotte called them) have flocked to Yorkshire in anticipation of discovering Rochester’s hall, Heathcliff’s farmhouse and Mrs Graham’s lodgings. However, to assume that every location in the Brontës’ novels has a real-life equivalent is to strip the sisters of their immense creative powers. Charlotte, Emily and Anne would scour their surroundings for glimmers of inspiration, selecting only the very best treasures for their gripping works of fiction. And we, too, should experience Brontë country as they did by retracing their footsteps and hoping that the same sparks of creativity reveal themselves to us, as they once did to the authors.

Locations Featured:

  • The Brontë Birthplace, Thornton
  • Haworth Village
  • The Old Registry Victorian Guesthouse
  • The Black Bull Pub
  • The Hawthorn Pub
  • Mrs Beighton’s Traditional Sweet Shop
  • The Brontë Parsonage Museum
  • The Yorkshire Moors
  • Ponden Hall
  • Wycoller Hall
  • Ponden Kirk (referred to as Penistone Crags in Wuthering Heights)
  • Haworth Moor and Top Withens
  • Norton Conyers
  • North Lees Hall
  • Brontë Chair, Brontë Bridge, and Brontë Waterfall

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