About Me

As you may have guessed, I’m Imogen. I’m a freelance writer, presenter, and assistant producer. I have worked with big names, like Town & Country, BBC Radio 4 and The Lady magazine, as well as smaller, independent companies, such as SUITCASE Magazine, TBI Media, and Surrey Life.

I read Spanish and Arabic at Durham University for my BA, then went on to King’s College London to do a Master’s in English Literature.

My interests and specialisms range from Middle Eastern cuisine to Welsh poetry, encompassing English, Hispanic, and Middle-Eastern Mythology, art, literature, folk music, and wax, which I indulge in when I’m not too busy fielding party invitations.

My background in literature prompted my move into arts writing – where I began my writing career. And it was my love of languages and culture that first lead me to travel writing; it’s taken me down some wondrous and downright bizarre avenues of discovery.

I grew up in Surrey and I haven’t managed to escape just yet. But, I have lived in Spain, Lebanon, and Argentina to spice up the shire existence.

I wear a lot of burgundy, read second-hand books, walk long distances for no reason, listen to willfully pretentious audiobooks, and prefer limes to lemons – always.